GV resident wants the city to ask again about composting, and make it easier to respond this time

Dear Editor,

This is in response to the article “GV says no to composting due to low resident response on website” printed in the July 20 issue of THE VILLAGER paper. I am concerned that the low response may have been due to the inability of residents to locate and navigate the Village Voices tab. I respectfully request the City find another, more user-friendly, way to assess resident interest levels.

When I saw the notice months ago, I was very motivated to vote in the affirmative but had difficulty finding the correct site. Rather than spinning my wheels I contacted my district representatives, and they forwarded my vote to the City.

The article mentioned that 100% of the responses were in strong support of some sort of composting program. Because I had trouble with the website, I suspect others may have had trouble as well, and that may be why the response rate was low. The article also mentioned that middle-schooler Julia Pace was persuasive enough to move the City Council to action, as well as 50 families in her neighborhood to sign up at their own expense. This tells me there is interest!

People are busy and may not have time to deal with registering on the website. Please consider a different method of reaching residents, such as calling a special-purpose telephone number and leaving a voice message or selecting options 1 or 2, yes or no, along with their address.

Wendy Boutin
Greenwood Village

We are the only state with a TABOR law

Why is Colorado the only state that has a TABOR law? That tells you what a horrible idea it was and is.

Larry McLaughlin