KINDLING – Sweat Equity Is Glue For American Success

America has become a great country because of our respect for law and free enterprise. We witness thousands of Latin Americans willing to walk hundreds of miles to enter this wonderful land.

Latin America has a great climate, wonderful coastlines, rich soil, but they have lacked leadership and our Constitution. The Latin states have been led by corrupt leaders and civil wars. Brazil stands out as a wonderful country and is among the more successful, but I don’t see people walking to Brazil, only to the USA.

When I returned from a journalistic experience in the U.S.S.R. back in 1975, I realized how important free enterprise and capitalism was to our way of life and success. Communism controlled everything from education, pay and jobs, and citizens were given a job level by the state, it was stifling. In America we offer the ability of individuals to own land and start a private business in a safe and secure environment. America has offered opportunity to millions of immigrants who came here wanting to love this country. The result has been stunning with success stories that still continue today.

Another great feature of American success has been our mandatory school policies; that it is the law that children attend school. We have enjoyed wonderful schools and dedicated teachers who have raised the educational level for our children. The Land Grant program of the last century provided state universities like CU and CSU for students to gain higher educations.

To support and bolster free enterprise businesses joined together to form Chamber of Commerce organizations that support free enterprise, fair labor laws and legislation, and promoted local industries and shops. Chamber of Commerce organizations flourished and have been vital to help small and large business firms alike to promote their success. Chambers have promoted their geographical locations with pride, bringing industry and labor together in harmony, creating new jobs to nurture the amazing growth and success of our communities and families.

The South Denver Metro Chamber is celebrating their 100th birthday this month and we salute this organization for a century of service to our business cities that thrive on local sales tax revenues. If you’re not a chamber member you should join immediately and cast your dollars for the greatest free enterprise experiment in history for entrepreneurs of many races, genders, and backgrounds. Men and women who open their business doors every day to provide our food, housing, clothing, transportation, medical services, and so many creative industries and services. Contact your local chamber wherever you live for membership information. Read and subscribe to newspapers that believe and promote freedom and business. People working together have made America great and sweat equity has been the glue for our freedom and success.
Shop locally and support your local business firms.

Keep free enterprise alive.