GV Public Works Department wins three APWA awards


American Public Works Association Colorado Chapter President Michael Martin (left) presents GV Public Works Director Jeremy Hanak three project awards. Photo by Freda Miklin

In a ceremony at Greenwood Village City Hall on December 6, GV Public Works Director Jeremy Hanak was presented with plaques from the American Public Works Association (APWA) for three public works projects by APWA Colorado Chapter President
Michael Martin. 

The first was for a digital age approach for capital projects and right-of-way permits in the administration category. Martin pointed to GV’s implementation of the use of an inventory system for concrete rehabilitation contract items such as asphalt patch locations, asphalt crack repair, utility adjustments and concrete panel replacement. Data taken during the inventory is integrated with the city’s GIS system and used in comparing bid documents provided to contractors. This data can also be utilized during construction. 

GV also won an award for the Monaco Street traffic circle safety upgrades and improvements on Monaco between Belleview Avenue and Orchard Road in the Greenwood Hills neighborhood. The original traffic circles were installed in the late 1990s to reduce speeds and cut-through traffic on Monaco. The traffic circles were hard to maintain and were not aesthetically pleasing. There were also many unfortunate collisions between motor vehicles and the low-profile concrete structures. The city set out to develop a new design that resulted in more aesthetically pleasing features for the neighborhood. This new design is easier to maintain, with the inevitable offense of motor vehicle collisions with the new traffic circles. Due to the reinforced concrete wall and the stone veneer, the new design is expected to minimize the cracking damage to the vehicles driving over the traffic circles that the city hopes will improve safety. These traffic circles are viewed as a transportation feature that can be easily replicated in other parts of GV.

The third award was for the new traffic calming measures in the Greenwood Hills neighborhood on Orchard Drive between Holly Street and Orchard Road. Greenwood Village adopted this neighborhood traffic calming program in 2018 with the goal of reducing the number of vehicles driving above the posted speed limit of 25 and discouraging non-residents of Greenwood Hills’ use of this popular cut-through road that shortens the distance between Holly Street and Orchard Road to the east. The city found that 33% of traffic utilizing Orchard Drive, especially during the evening rush hours, did not stay in the Greenwood Hills neighborhood. To discourage use of this road, a traffic circle was installed at the intersection of Orchard Drive and Ivy Street. The geometry of the traffic circle was modified to include deflection in order to assist approaching traffic. Successful navigation of this traffic circle requires motorists to reduce their speed to approximately five miles per hour when heading northwest. For those heading southeast on Orchard Drive, there is no need to reduce one’s speed under the posted limit. The city reported that the neighbors in this area are pleased with the results of this traffic calming measure.