Denver Zoo to rescue animals from closed zoo in Puerto Rico

The Zoo Will Provide New Homes and Care for Three Animals from the Juan A. Rivero Zoo

Denver Zoo is proud to be part of the efforts to rescue animals from the recently-closed Juan A. Rivero Zoo in San Juan, Puerto Rico. After being contacted by colleagues at another AZA-accredited institution, which is one of many organizations helping to monitor, evaluate and place the animals, the Zoo has determined that it can provide a new home for a red kangaroo, crested porcupine and marabou stork. The Zoo’s animal care and health teams are currently coordinating their shipment to its 84-acre campus with their colleagues at The Wild Animal Sanctuary, which is also bringing in a number of these animals.

“We have many rescued animals currently living here at the Zoo and take the responsibility of bringing in these animals very seriously,” said Bert Vescolani, president and CEO of Denver Zoo. “We’re fortunate to have the space, resources, and animal health and care expertise to provide the best possible care and home for these three animals; and glad we can assist in this coordinated effort with other organizations dedicated to the care and wellbeing of wildlife.” 

The three animals from Puerto Rico will go through quarantine behind the scenes at the Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Animal Hospital after they arrive. The Zoo will announce when and where guests and members can see the new additions at a later date. For more information, visit