Common Sense Institute (CSI) named Dr. Reggie Washington as the 2023 Health & Wellness Fellow

Dr. Reggie Washington

“We are thrilled to have Dr. Washington at CSI,” said CSI Executive Director Kelly Caufield. “His expertise and broad understanding of health care in Colorado and the nation will be invaluable to our research.”

According to Caufield, CSI Fellows have made it possible to achieve a significant increase in research. “CSI Fellows are experts in their field and come from varied backgrounds and different political affiliations. Their work has sparked innovative ideas and solutions to the most significant issues facing our state and our nation.”

“We anticipate Dr. Washington’s research projects to generate a tremendous amount of interest as health care continues to be one of the biggest issues Coloradans face today,” continued Caufield. “We look forward to the release of our next health care study this fall.”

About Dr. Reggie Washington, 2023 Health & Wellness Fellow:

Dr. Washington is a National Consultant for HCA offering expertise in pediatric services to centers across the United States. Previously, he was the Chief Medical Officer at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children and Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center until 2023. His experience included 15 years of advancements in quality, physician satisfaction, and employee engagement.

 In 2008 he co-founded the Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation to provide support to families whose children were in need of care or mothers requiring breast milk for their babies.

As a physician and strategic leader he was the Co- Founder and Medical Director of Rocky Mountain Pediatric Cardiology and expanded outreach clinics throughout a four-state area.

He earned his M.D. in 1977, became Board Certified in Pediatrics in 1980 and Board Certified in Pediatric Cardiology in 1981.