CO tourism generates more than $60 Billion annually 

From cheering on the Nuggets to skiing and camping, tourists love to visit Colorado 

 Common Sense Institute (CSI) released The Economic Impact of Colorado’s Sports, Recreation, & Tourism Sector. The analysis examines the impact of sports, recreation, and tourism on the overall Colorado economy and the prospect for future growth. 

“The numbers tell the story. Sports, Recreation and Tourism is a $60 billion industry that drives more than 600,000 jobs. The revenue created by tourists supports a wide array of Colorado’s economy and plays an indispensable role in driving economic prosperity,” said Kelly Caufield, CSI Executive Director. “There is simply no better place to ski, camp, hike, attend world class sporting events or just enjoy the scenery than Colorado.” 

“Tourism generates economic impact, creates jobs and brings visitors who pay taxes that otherwise would be the burden of Colorado residents,” said Richard Scharf, VISIT DENVER president and CEO. “Sporting events not only serve as another huge economic driver for our city, but they also generate enormous media exposure and enhance our quality of life. 

Among the key findings of the study: 

$60.1 billion, or 13.7%: Contribution of the sports, recreation, and tourism sector to Colorado’s Gross Domestic Product in 2022.   

$34.8 billion: Total personal income supported by Colorado’s sports, recreation, & tourism sector in 2022. 

622,968: Number of jobs supported by Colorado’s sports, recreation, and tourism sector amounting to nearly one 1 out of every 6 jobs.  

7.17%: Projected average annual growth rate of the sports, recreation, & tourism sector over the next decade—22% faster than the state’s overall economy 

“The bottom line,” continued Caufield. “The cumulative sector of sports, recreation, and tourism in Colorado adds billions of dollars and supports thousands of jobs annually, independent of major events.”