Centennial Fiber Commission Seeks Voting Member

The City of Centennial seeks to appoint a voting member for its Fiber Commission to serve our community and continue the efficient and cost-effective planning, operation, and management of Centennial’s fiber optic infrastructure. Fiber Commission members serve a term of two years, and no appointee may serve for more than a total of eight years. Fiber Commission voting members are entitled to a meeting stipend for their time commitment. Interested individuals should apply using this online form. Applications will close at 5 p.m. Friday, November 3, 2023. 

To be considered for appointment, applicants must have:

Centennial residency

Expertise in a related field or associated with the purposes and goals of Centennial FiberWorks and the Fiber Commission

Time commitment and ability to attend Fiber Commission meetings once a month, periodic Council meetings and other occasional community meetings.

No conflicts, potential conflicts of interest or appearance of impropriety on Fiber Commission actions

Motivation and convey purpose for an appointment to the Fiber Commission

Please note that applying to the Fiber Commission does not guarantee an interview. Each application is evaluated based on individual merit. If selected, applicants will receive instructions for the interview process. 

You can learn more about Centennial’s Fiber Commission and FiberWorks at centennialco.gov/fibercommission.