The Fourth of July and designated “Independence Day” is very meaningful to me for many reasons.  First, it signifies the celebration of the creation of the United States and the great gift that God bestowed upon our founding fathers.  The Constitution and Bill of Rights and our belief in a nation of law and order and citizens vested in property rights, has propelled this nation to be the envy of the world for our precious guiding documents.

Sadly, history relates that great nations begin to decay as they drift away from what made them great.  Alas, the fall of the great Roman Empire; the slow decline of the once vast British colonies; ancient Egypt’s disappearance,  leaving only the pyramids behind, and most recently, the collapse of the USSR with Putin’s brutal attempt at restoring the once mighty regime.

History has not been kind to once mighty nations. As we watch the news, one can’t help but see the decay ongoing in the United States. The signs are emerging that our best days as a great Republic may be numbered.

We are witnessing sexual transformations, collapse of border security, massive national debt, a social civil war ongoing with cities burning and murdering of school children,  the U.S. Capitol building assaulted, and our leadership harshly divided with rank partisanship, fueled by partisan media reporting.  It doesn’t look good for you and me, the average American citizen, as we now may be entering a recession because of government intervention in our daily lives.

We need strong leadership and for the silent majority to emerge and fight for the soul and future of America.  The best way to begin is to elect dedicated citizens to office and support law and order with our police and law enforcement officers.   We need our military veterans to fight again for the honor of our nation. 

We need to honor and respect our schoolteachers and make sure that we teach the truth about America history, the good and the bad, and the truth as it happened at the time well-reported and recorded by honest reporters, newspapers and respected news anchors. History should not be modernized and changed to satisfy the woke propaganda to change the names of our historic Colorado mountains and to paint Americans, past and present as evil people.  We have honored Indians with naming mountains and sporting teams after their bravery and courage as their lands were taken from them and the vast herds of buffalo slaughtered for hides and meat to feed the army of railroad workers.  It was history on the march across an unspoiled native wilderness that would become the farms, ranches and cities of America.  Yes, there were winners and losers, slavery  abolished by Abraham Lincoln and a bloody civil war between northern and southern states.  Politics can lead to bloodshed and violence that is increasing on our streets and cities.

We can have bitterness and division over  a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion. Have we fallen so far that we need to condemn the U.S. Supreme Court for their adherence to the Constitution. This select body is the third branch of government and has helped guide us to uphold justice and law and order and protect all citizens.  Upholding the documents as written by our Founding Fathers is the real subject of July 4, then and now, and what  we must preserve, honor, and fight to preserve. It has never been easy to stand up to tyranny abroad, or internally.  It is a time for patriotism.

The Roman hierarchy gave bread to the citizens of Rome and provided weeks of coliseum entertainment, made so popular in our movies.. The citizens reveled in the violent entertainment as the barbarians closed in upon their gates.  Sound familiar?

We can be  proud of our Stanley Cup hockey team, as we should be over the courage, talent and stamina of these young men.  It is a  sporting triumph to bring  this revered 34.5 lb. silver  trophy back  again to Denver and Colorado, the best hockey locale in America.

While we play, and celebrate, there are many evil forces who would like to destroy America, both from within, and without.

Let’s all wake up and do more to save America before it’s too late.  The barbarians are coming for us right now.