20th Morgan Adams Concours d’Elegance Benefits Pediatric Oncology

By Steven Weisberg

Over 2,000 people attended this year’s Morgan Adams Concours d’Elegance at the Centennial Airport. Sports cars of a wide variety dominated the tarmac with unusual motorcycles and small aircraft intermixed thus ensuring no single attendee could run out of vehicles to appreciate, especially as cloudy skies at six p.m. provided welcome relief from the heat.  Major supporter Gulfstream provided tours for one of its luxury aircraft and the line never abated. The event raises funds to alleviate cancer in kids and young adults via treatment and research.

Invigorating flight demonstrations were held above the event as pilots went vertical and then allowed their planes to fall back to the earth before resuming total control. While there were many notable sports cars of the modern era and classics such as two different Mercedes 300 SL from the 1950s, the 1937 Delahaye 145 had the best story.

Executive board member Jesse Russell explained to The Villager that this 20th year event made a substantial impact on many children in the Front Range while at the same time moneys raised and research funded went well beyond Colorado to solve pediatric cancer. Every dollar raised returned ten-fold. Unfortunately, the challenges are substantial as treatment for a primary cancer is so toxic that other cancers often develop after. The Morgan Adams Concours fills a gap not fulfilled by any other organization in the community.

Silent auction items were available to peruse  before and during the awards ceremony. The main event program began at 8pm and included a live auction followed by a flight demonstration, fireworks and an after party.

For more information please visit https://www.morganadamsconcours.org/schedule-of-events/