2022 Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO can climb mountains


The Toyota Tacoma pro has won a top prize in this review for the outstanding “electric-lime” metallic bright green paint that had five people walking by or at a gas station comment on how they loved the color.   One driver stopped with his daughter, after spotting the “Lime” Tacoma and wanted to know more about the truck.

Well, the Tacoma TRD PRO truck has a cab and can haul a work crew to a construction site in Denver or Alaska.  This is the top-of-the- line in off-road truck offered by Toyota,  loaded with all-wheel drive and “crawl” gears and under carriage guard skid plates to protect against rocks, logs, or obstacles in off-road drives.

This is a popular truck for all-wheel roads with a 3.5L V6 engine and a six-speed automatic transmission,  along with electronic controlled transfer case for shifts from 2-wheel drive to 4-wheel.

The tires are tough looking Michelins on black alloy wheels with very distinctive tread design. 

The “Pro” model is designed for off-road adventures and has special TRD tuned FOX 2.5 internal bypass shocks with rear remote reservoirs for really tough trails/roads. The deer and the elk can spot this bright lime-green truck miles away.

A-plus in appearance and rugged power plant and transmission.

The cabin has comfortable leather trimmed captain seats and two seats in the second row of the crew cab truck. The truck is capable of towing 6400 pounds and has a truck bed with a rubber protective mat. 

The cabin is attractive with premium audio and a 6 speaker JBL sound system with subwoofer and amplifier.  The sound, color, and style of this Tacoma is a perfect blend for an adventure bound younger male or female. 

The pro-model has an overall four-star out of five-star safety rating and comes with almost all options at a price of $50,733.  Final assembly is in Guanajuato, Mexico.

This is the premium Toyota vehicle with all of the safety features in the Toyota Safety Sense package, including the pre-collision package that prevents striking a forward object like a moose in the wilderness.

The color is very cool, the tires are awesome; the woofer sound can carry for miles, and the all-wheel drive selections can move this truck and occupants to the top of many Colorado mountain trails.