2022 Lexus UX200 F-Sport is fuel efficient


The test car of the week is a Lexus “Experience Amazing” UX200 F -Sport sedan.   The bright “Utrasonic Blue” mica paint is a standout with pedestrians in the parking lot praising the attractive paint.

But, the color is only a portion of the quality of this UX200 that is  comfortable to drive with excellent handling, braking, and performance.  Driven with a 169 horsepower 2.0L engine and a 10- speed direct-shift continuously  versatile  transmission the car responds well in performance.  However, a turbo-boost would be recommended to produce even better acceleration.  The F-Sport can achieve 60 mph in 8.2 seconds; not a top sport performance.

Driving with “eco” and “sport” modes the UX achieves a notable 37 mpg highway mileage and 32 overall performance.  Along with exceptional fuel economy, the vehicle achieves a perfect all-around five-star safety rating.  Loaded with the latest Lexus Safety System plus, the 2.0 Collision System, along with 10 airbags makes for the best in automotive safety advancements.

The center console media control is complicated with the dials adjacent to the driver on the center console.  The standard Lexus control pad can be used to control the computer screen  menus.

It would be preferable to have a few simple dials rather than having to manipulate the touch pad, especially while driving.  It takes considerable time to adjust to the many instrument screen selections.

Quality reigns in the 10-way front  lumbar driver’s seat and 6-way passenger seat.  The UX200 is about comfort in driving and handling.

“Smooth sailing” is the best  way to describe driving this vehicle.

Final assembly is in Miyawaka, Fukuoka, Japan  with a suggested manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $35,340.  Multiple options can boost the price to $42,990. Options include a $2,200 navigation system and the F-Sport luxury package of sunroof  heated/ventilated front seats and smaller luxury features at $2390.

Overall, this is a smart looking, easy driving,  smaller luxury sedan that is quality on wheels.  While described as a sport-type vehicle with the smaller engine and lower horsepower, it looks the part with steering wheel paddle shifters, but it lacks top-flight performance while excelling in comfort and handling.

Safety and fuel economy are the best features of this UX 200 F-Sport.