2021 Hyundai Santa Fe is a solid performer


What a clever name for a car than Santa Fe “Calligraphy” that describes this 2021 Hyundai popular all-wheel drive SUV. The model is well appointed with “Quartz White” exterior paint and “Beige” leather interior seats. The Santa Fe has all the latest safety features including the blind lane turn signal display of the rear lane helping to eliminate that troublesome left rear blind spot.

The powertrain consists of a 2.5L turbo 4-cylinder engine and an eight-speed “Shiftronic” transmission with the engine and transmission made in the U.S. with final assembly in Montgomery, Alabama U.S.A. Steering wheel paddle shifters control gear levels easily, if desired. The drive range seemed to work best overall.

This is a very comfortable and desirable SUV that is spirited in performance with sport and normal drive modes selected with a dial. The horsepower is not listed but the fuel economy is rated at 24 mpg. overall with high-way and city traffic. Highway speed signs and vehicle speed is reflected on the windshield in easy view, another practical feature to avoid the many changing speed zones. The radar cruise speed control works well flowing with traffic.

The sound system is a luxury Harman/Kardon premium package that can be controlled from the steering wheel or with a simple dial.

A camera network gives a clear picture of front, side and rear objects, along with rear cross-traffic alerts. The vehicle insists that you fasten the driver’s seatbelt with a foot on the brake pedal before the car will move. The large trunk space has fold down seats for additional passengers and is spacious in size with power entry and close.

LED lights surround the vehicle and the side mirrors open and close automatically with keyless entry.

The Santa Fe has a 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty that is tops in the auto world. A vote of confidence by Hyundai that this is a quality vehicle that is long lasting. The suggested list price is $43,730, including options. This is a hard-working, practical vehicle, that is friendly to drive. The air conditioning and cooled seats felt good in these late summer record breaking heat temperatures. Santa Fe lives up to the colorful name.